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T Raja Singh

Raja Singh – BJP MLA – Goshamahal, Hyderabad || Convenor – Andhra Pradesh Gau Raksha Dal || Convenor – Shri Ram Navmi Shobha Yatra ||

Raja Singh was born into a simple but devoted Hindu family on 15th April 1978 in the sacred land of Bharat. Raja singh needs no introduction as he is well known for his patriotic nature and devotion towards Hindu Dharma. Due to financial difficulties in young age Raja Singh was not able to complete his formal education. But he is more educated then a lot of people regarding the knowledge about hindutva.
He was attracted to RSS as it matched his patriotism and belief. After joining RSS he was attracted to the Youth wing of RSS namely Hindu Vahini.

Gau Raksha Activities
It was in 1995 that Raja Singh witnessed Gomaathas being taken to be murdered in a truck. Looking at them Raja Singh’s heart was filled with sadness to watching the pain in the eyes of the gomaathas.  He decided that day that he will do everything to protect and serve the Kamdhenu.
It is at that time that along with some youth from Hindu Vahini he decided to form a group to protect cows.He motivated them to take up the noble cause and started stopping the killing of cows. He and his followers stop the trucks carrying the cows to be killed and cases are registered against who are killing the cows under section various section of AP Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act 1977. To this day he serves and protects the sacred cows  with his life. From last 15 years 1000’s of cows being saved every year by our team. I am Happy to Say that every Year Percentage of Cow Slaughtering has been decreased  in Hyderabad during Bakri Eid time. Earlier in Hyderabad Cows were Slaughtered on main roads but now the time has changed, you would rarely found a Cow. Only Bulls/Buffaloes are Slaughterd. Next target to ensure Safety of Bulls also and Gau Raksha all round the Clock.

Opression by the state.
Because of his action in supporting of the Hindu community he was jailed to control him. He was oppressed by the government to silent his voice and under the influence from leader of M.I.M party which was doing voter deals & with the government.

Ramnavami’s Shobha yatra
His devotion to lord ram was displayed in arranging the Ramnavami shobha yatra. The huge turnout of crowds from all over the country in support of the yatra highlighted the unity of Hindus and displayed tha love of devotees towards lord Ram. Raja Bhai was praised for his ability to gather and unite such large amount of population and in conducting the Yatra in a very peaceful way. Nearly 20 lakh people witnessed and participated in the yatra making it a big success. This show of strength by Hindu community was witnessed by the entire world and made Raja bhai the representative of Hindu’s.

Fighting off anti social elements and Uniting the Hindus.

Raja Singh protected the temples and Hindus in the area during the Ramnavami of 2010. Some anti social elements attacked temples and Hindus under the support of M.I.M party. Raja Singh along with his followers gave security to the Hindu families and fought with the goondas. His bravery inspired more hindus to join the fight and soon the anti social elements got scared and ran away. This incident was widely publicized and Raja Singh’s Hindu seva got recognized again.

Being on the hit list of Terrorists.
Raja Singh through his efforts in fighting off the anti-social elements, he was put on hit list of LeT as they were against his patriotism. Raja Singh is not against any religion but he is against those who hurt the Hindus.

His accolades and honours.

He has won many honours and awards, the community of Hindu saints has bestowed on him the title “Hindu Ratna”. Pune’s Pratap Gad Utsav Samithi has given him the title Veer Jeeva Mahala award. The youth of Hyderabad has given him the title Yuva Ratna and Wisemens association has called Hindu Hruday Samrat. The youth of  Hyderabad and AP call him Tiger Raja Bhai or Bhai affectionately. Like a elder brother

Entrance into politics and into BJP .
Growing up in the shadow of RSS, Raja Singh was initially in TDP. But after deciding to serve the Hindu samaj he joined the BJP party. He is currently being promoted as a National Leader by the Hindu’s of Bharat. Raja Singh is a very charismatic and a vocal leader and he is invited to talk from all over the country. He enjoys Popularity amongst both youth and seniors alike and his work has made a huge impression on young people. Many are inspired to follow him and are looking at him for guidance.

Rani Avanthi Bai Lodh Shobha Yatra.
After hearing the tales of freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Veer Savarkar and Subhash Chandra Bose from the elders and freedom fighters in the society  he started the Rani Avanthi Bai Lodh Shobha Yatra. Raja Singh belongs to the same Lodha Kshatriya Community as Veer Banita Rani Avanthi Bai. To honour her fight for freedom, he conducted a rally in 2007 where countless people from all communities attended. After this his name became famous within the community and his effort got recognized.

Popularity on Internet.
Raja Singh is very popular on Social Media. He currently has Many followers around the world. He addresses them regularly through his youtube videos.