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Cow Smugllers are allowed to do illegal smuggleing of Cows by Police

On the order of Police commissioner, Pahadi Sharif police was forced to let off the cow smuggling trucks which were confiscated which were doing Cow/Bulls smuggling and supplying it to illegal slaughter houses in Hyderabad, As per information I am having , Police is providing protection to these cow smuggling gangs are helping them in supplying cows/bulls, all this are done under the pressure of local Jihadi Party and unwillingness of TRS Govt to take on Jihadi elements for sake of their Vote Bank.

I Visited the Pahadi Sharif police station yesterday in this matter and spoke to the officials there.

As you are aware that Cow Slaughter and Beef Ban in Maharashtra, After the Ban the slaughter of Cows and sales of Beef has been stopped, But illegal Slaughter Houses in Telangana specially in border districts are illegally supplying Beef to Maharashtra, I request people to be alert and make groups and try to stop this illegal beef supply and Cow Slaughter, It is Sad to tell that Telangana police is well aware of these illegal slaughter houses and illegal supply of Beef but police is not taking any action as it seems that police are Hand in glove in this illegal business and they are ignoring it, When ever Hindu organizations are trying to stop the illegal slaughter houses, smuggling of Cows the Hindu youth are booked under Rowdy Sheeters and police is harassing Gau Rakshaks and warning them not to do any Gau Raksha.


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