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Hindu Munnani

Hindu Munnani ray bans ale an Introduction :
Hindu Munnani was formed in the Cheap mlb Jerseys year 1980 with an aim to counter and defeat the anti-hindu propaganda, prevent religious conversions and to propagate the glory ofour Hindu religion and culture. Outstanding hard work by the cadres of Hindu Munnani, the false propaganda of rationalists, the religious conversions are being stopped and prevented by all democratic means and ways.

The cheap authentic jerseys Districts of Coimbatore and Trichy once had been citadel of communism. With sustained campaign, the leftist citadel was dented, and now the Nationalist Hindu Renaissance is bringing changes in mind hockey jerseys set of the people. Nationalism has taken firm roots once again. Tamilnadu had witnessed the breaking of Vinayaka idols, by the Rationalists for their own selfish political propaganda, Hindu Munnani has successfully stopped and prevented the trend, now Tamilnadu is witnessing a huge turn outs in Vinayaka chathurthi celebrations with participation of all section of people irrespective of caste or social status.

Today the youth of Tamilnadu is attracted by the Nationalist Hindutva ideology, for this a large number of youths have laid their lives falling to swords of anti national elements.The blood shed by these patriotic souls will never go waste. Today Hindu Munnani has established itself as sole organization for fighting Hindu rights and causes.

The land of Alwars and Nayanamars Tamizhagam is once again witnessing the spiritual renaissance

Objective / Appeal / Request

The properties of Church are with Christians, the properties of mosque are with Muslims but Hindu temples are administered Purchase by the State. The Government should quit from Temples.

All Temples should be handed over to an Independent board consisting of devout Hindus who have faith in our religion and traditions which will administer the temples .The Government should quit from administrating Hindu Temples.
Common Civil Code for all citizens of India.
Family Planning should be made compulsory to all religion.
Anti-Conversion law should be enacted to contain forcible and induced conversion throughout India.
Cow slaughter should be banned.
Ayodhya, Kasi and Mathura temples should be liberated and handed over to Hindus completely.
Article 370 giving special status to Kashmir should be abrogated.
Moral science should be made compulsory for students to make them good citizens.
Stop treating Hindus as second class citizens in our own land.


Hindu Munnani the voice and fighting force of Hindus.

Hindu Munnani always in forefront fighting for Hindu rights; it is like a sword for Hindus in protecting their honor. Hindu Munnani has been successful in exposing the pseudo secular politicians and anti hindu political parties, are exposed of their evil designs before the people.

Hindu Munnani has been leading the struggle against land grabbers of temple lands.It has successfully regained the temple lands from them and restored back to the temples.

Hindu Munnani is carrying sustained Anti-Conversion campaigns successfully.

Hindu Munnani is always vigilant against those who denigrate Hindu faith and values, bring them before law.

Sustained propaganda meetings, are being organized for creating Hindu awareness and Hindu unity.

Hindu Munnani is the only socio cultural organization in Tamilnadu uniting every Hindu from all castes, creed and strata of society irrespective of his / her social status

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