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Met Hon’ble Chief Minister K. Chandra Shekar Rao to brief the grievances of Goshamahal Constituency

I met Hon’ble Chief Minister K. Chandra Shekar Rao to brief the grievances of the Goshamahal Constituency. All facts about the Goshamahal Constituency is one the largest Business Hub in country and state and exists in the heart of Hyderabad City and consists of major markets like Begum Bazar Kirana Market, Feelkhana Plastic and Metal Market/Imported gifts Market, Fish Market, Osman Gunj, Mukhtiyar Gunj, Mehboob Gunj, Maharaj Gunj, Sultan Bazar, Mozamjahi Market, Jagdish Market, Koti Sultan Bazaar Market, Gujarati Galli Electronic Market, Troop Bazar , Electrical Market, Gowliguda Printing press market, King Koti Old vehicle Market, Siddembar Bazar Jewellery market, Top Khana Bangle Market Ashok Bazar, Goshamahal Plywood Market, and Major Hospital like Osmania General Hospital, ENT Hospital Koti, Sultan Bazaar Maternity Hospital, King Koti Govt Hospital, etc and prayed him to allocate sufficient funds for the development of the business centers of the constituency . All these markets generates huge revenue for the Govt but the people of the Market do not get basic facilities as expected by the Govt, Earlier Governments never helped these markets with proper infrastructure

Apart from the above I also represented problem being faced by the residents of blacklisted Area like Mangalhat , Dhoolpet, Dattatreya Nagar, Jummerat Bazar by stating that youth by providing employment, Loans for making Ganesh Idols, Allocate Land for making Idols of Lord Ganesh Idols, Moderation of Yateem Khana’s ( Govt Hospital into Maternity Hospital ), Sanction of Girls College, ITI College and primary Health centers. Hon’ble CM was very glad to representation made by Me and appreciated for my interest in taking up development works in the Constituency , CM has also promised to pay a visit to the Constituency in the First week of May 2015. Memebr of Lodh Kshatriya Samaj Sri Naresh singh accompained with me for presentation of the Memorandum

During the Padayatra’ in the Constituency most of the people have complained me about Street Lights, Sewerage, Roads, Strom Water lines, and major issue about Sanitation. This has been brought to the notice of the CM .The Hon’ble CM has promised to grant enough funds for the development of Goshamahal Constituency and asked me to prepare for all the development estimates to be submitted


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