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People facing problem in getting pension

Around 30 women visited my office complaining that they were not being given pension even though they have approval for pension, I spoke to the MRO and VRO  of Nampally Mandaly and they  assured that pension issue will be solved. I came to know that people complained that they have to stand in queue for 5 to 6 hours in summer heat to get the pension and most of these pensioners are old people who are facing problems, they pension distribution dates in every month keep on chaining and this adds to problems to the people as they have to spent money for transport. I would demand MRO’s in my constituency that they have to solve the problem as soon as possible and they should give pension on fixed date and make people run for days for getting pension, Also i have come to know that non Govt people are involved in pension distribution and they are taking commission from pensioners and I have decided to take this issue to higher authorities .


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