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Telangana Govt Interfering in Hindu Festival Celebrations

Today addressed the Protest organized  by Telangana Sound Light and Generator Owners Association at Indira Park, They protested against the Government banning DJ Sound System, There are around 50,000 people whose livelihood depends on renting out DJ sound and electrical Generators, There families are suffering due DJ Ban  as they have invested Lakhs of rupees in purchasing the equipment, In some cases The DJ owners have sold their Gold, Lands to purchase the DJ Sound Equipment, Now they are facing severe financial crisis due to Govt and Police banning DJ sound system. The Govt & police has not given any thought on the families who depend on this business, When Govt cannot provide jobs and livelihood how can they take away livelihood of people in name of banning DJ sound system.

In name of Banning DJ the Govt interfering in celebration of Hindu Festival in name of Banning DJ sound system. The police is harassing the DJ sound system owners and warning them of booking cases against them if they provide DJ sound system to any of Ganesh Pandals or during Ganesh Procession.

I demand that Government and Police should stop interfering in Hindu Celebrations in name of Banning DJ Sound. The same police and Govt become Blind when DJ sound were allowed at hundreds of places during  Milad Un Nabi procession and During TRS  party celebrations on various occasions, Suppressing Hindu will not be good for Government and interfering in Hindu festivals by citing rules is not acceptable


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